Dear Customer

In recognition of the COVID-19 pandemic, MasterCard has enhanced the contactless transaction limit at POS for Debit Cards in the UK from GBP 30 to GBP 45, which means, your PNBIL Debit Card Contactless limit will be enhanced to GBP 45. This enhanced limit will be with effect from 01st April 2020.

We hope you would make use of this enhanced limit and use your debit cards for payments through contactless at POS, reducing the physical contact with payment machines and hopefully slowing the virus spread.

For kind attention of the customers - » We are changing our Account Terms and Conditions WEF 1 July 2019. » Do not disclose your Personal information such as account number, login ID & password, debit card number & PIN to anyone.» Bank never asks for your PIN or Password.
NRI Services

NRI Services

  • Facility to open any type of Non Resident Account with PNB branches in India (Please fix prior appointment with local branch in UK).
  • Interest rates and other details for various schemes are available here.
  • Remittance through us will get same day value for fixed deposits
  • Facility to borrow money against your NRE/FCNR deposit with PNB branches in India at competitive rates.
  • Issuance of life certificate for pension account holders of PNB India branches.
  • Any assistance that you may require with your account with PNB. Please provide us passbook/FDR receipt together with proof of identification and residence proof.
  • All NRI services provided free of charge.
  • Internet Banking Login for NRI accounts