For kind attention of the customers - » We are changing our Account Terms and Conditions WEF 1 July 2019.» Do not disclose your Personal information such as account number, login ID & password, debit card number & PIN to anyone.
New Debit Cards

New Debit Cards

World wide Acceptance:
Your card is accepted worldwide at all the outlets that displays the MasterCard logo. You are requested to call Bank on +44(0)800 849 9229 before you travel so that we can know that we can expect foreign currency transactions in your account.

Secure online transactions:
PNBIL offers 3D secure authentication as a fraud prevention feature for online transactions using a Debit card. Under this feature, while making online transactions using a Debit card ,Cardholder(CH) will receive a One Time Password(OTP) code through SMS on their Mobile number registered* with PNBIL. CH will be required to enter the OTP code for authorizing the online transaction.
Note :For Cardholders who wish to make online transactions using their Debit card it is mandatory to register their mobile number with PNBIL for receiving SMS Alerts/OTP.

Contactless Debit Master Card:
If you have recently received your PNBIL Contactless Debit Card but not your PIN or if you want to order for the new PIN, please call us on +44(0)800 849 9229 Monday to Friday (between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm).
To report lost or Stolen card, please call on +44(0)800 849 9229.Card blocking service is available 24/7.

Secure Against Fraud transaction:
All your transactions will be monitored by the bank especially if they have been done in those part of the world where you have never been. But you will be liable for unauthorised transactions that have been carried out on your card because of any carelessness on your part and you failed to keep your card and PIN secure.

Transaction charges:
In UK: There will be no charges if you are using your PNBIL Debit MasterCard to withdraw the money from UK ATMs with MasterCard logo or for making the purchases in the UK.
Outside UK: Normal Service Providers charges may apply.

"Please Note: In order to comply to PSD2 regulations coming into effect from 14th September 2019, no magstripe transactions will be allowed through your debit card. You can still use your debit card at the terminals using Chip and PIN. For further details, please contact our customer support or visit any of our branches."
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