Dear Customer

In recognition of the COVID-19 pandemic, MasterCard has enhanced the contactless transaction limit at POS for Debit Cards in the UK from GBP 30 to GBP 45, which means, your PNBIL Debit Card Contactless limit will be enhanced to GBP 45. This enhanced limit will be with effect from 01st April 2020.

We hope you would make use of this enhanced limit and use your debit cards for payments through contactless at POS, reducing the physical contact with payment machines and hopefully slowing the virus spread.


PNBIL Mobile Banking App

1) What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking is a service that will allow our customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using mobile device such as smart phone or tablets. It uses software called an app which allows user to perform balance checks,account transactions, payments etc.

2) Can I avail PNBIL Mobile Banking Services?

Yes, PNBIL Mobile Banking Services are available for only individual customers of the Bank and its compatible with iPhone-IOS & Android devices.PNBIL Mobile App can be used in UK as well as abroad.

3) Are there any pre-requisites for availing PNBIL Mobile Banking Services?
    All existing and prospective customers need to have the following:

• An account with PNBIL.
• A Handset supporting services.
• Be an Active User of Internet Banking (IBS) for immediate access.
• If not using IBS or inactive user of IBS, Bank will require one working day for the activation of mobile banking services.
All accounts under your customer id (including joint accounts) will be accessible to you under PNBIL Mobile App.

4) Is the app secure?

Yes, the app is secured by SSL (a standard protocol used for secure transmission of documents over a network) and all the messages are encrypted to keep the details safe and private.

5) How can I download the application on my handset?

Android users and Apple users can download the app from Google Play store or Apple App store. Just search PNBIL and then Install the App. Installation will take few minutes depending on mobile connection speed.

6) Can I install the PNBIL App on several devices simultaneously?

Yes,you can install this App on multiple Apple IOS and Android devices simultaneously. However at any time login from only one device is permitted. On every installation/reinstallation SMS OTP (Onetime Password) will be sent to the registered mobile number.

7) Is there a cost associated with Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking facility is absolutely free and no additional charges are applied. For other charges applicable to your account,please refer to the schedule of charges, available on our website.Data charges will be applicable as per your service provider for the device.

8) I have changed my mobile number, will mobile banking still work?

Yes, however all SMS will be sent to mobile number registered with us. It is in the interest of the customer to contact the concerned branch for updation of Mobile number in our record as soon as it has been changed.

9) What features are included in Mobile Banking?
    Through our Mobile Banking service, you can:

• View latest balances and transactions 24*7;
• Transfer funds from your PNBIL account to other accounts within UK;
• Send money to India or Nepal;
• View your bank Mini statements with last ten transactions;
• Download statement of account;

10) What if I lost my mobile with installed PNBIL Mobile App?

Mobile banking requires password every time you initiate a transcation, therefore it is protected with your password. However, you can disable your mobile and internet banking through 'Block user ID' option which is available on Internet Banking.

11) Is there a limit for transferring funds online in a day?

Yes, the maximum amount can be transferred using PNBIL Mobile App is £10,000 per day. For transferring more than £10,000,please contact your respective branch.

12)Do I need to add a payee to intiate a transfer?

Yes, if you want to transfer money to a new payee, you will need to add the payee first before initiating a transfer. However, payees already registered through your Internet Banking will appear under 'My Payees' tab on your Mobile App.

13) Is there a possibility that my Mobile Banking will not enable me to transfer money?
    Yes,your password may be blocked which may have occured in following circumstances:

• Three continuous wrong password attempts.
• Password not changed since 180 days.

14) How do I reset my password?

You can visit our website www.pnbint.com, click on "Personal Login" and select "Forgot Password" tab, alternatively the same tab can be selected through our mobile app. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number with us. After entering the OTP password, the system will prompt to enter your new password.

15) Are there any additional security precautions I should take?

• Do not reveal passwords(s) over the phone, e-mail etc to any person including a Bank official or write in your mobile phone.
• Please change your passwords(s)before the passwords(s) expires or when the system prompts you to do so.
• Do not click on website links/attachments in unknown/suspicious emails. These links may take you to replica of banks website/app and may ask for keying in your user id and password(s).
• The Bank will never send you an e-mail requesting you to provide user ids/password and other personal information.
• Update the antivirus software installed on the mobile handset regularly.

16) What if I get an SMS or a call while performing a transaction?

You can answer the call/check the message and then continue with the transaction.

17) How do I clear the cache in my mobile handset?

Steps for clearing cache are phone dependent. Generally, the steps to clear Cache are: Settings->APP->PNBIL APP->Cache->Clear Cache. However, these steps are mobile set dependent.

18) Can I access both Internet Banking and Mobile Banking at same time?


19) What happens if I forget to log out or leave my handset idle for a period of time?

As a security measure, PNBIL Mobile App will automatically log you out if you leave your mobile phone idle for more than 5 minutes.

20) How should I uninstall the application?

Go to the settings option of your mobile and uninstall the application.However, unistall option is handset specific.App can be reinstalled on the handset and user is required to go through OTP SMS process during reinstallation process. Please refer FAQ.6 for reinstallation.

Punjab National Bank (International) Limited (PNBIL) is a UK incorporated banking subsidiary of Punjab National Bank, India (PNB). PNBIL is Authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. PNBIL is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). PNBIL is authorised for accepting deposits by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. Your eligible deposits are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK's deposit protection scheme. The FSCS protects most depositors, including individuals and small companies upto £85,000. Eligible deposits of large companies and small local authorities are covered upto £85,000.