Dear Customer

In recognition of the COVID-19 pandemic, MasterCard has enhanced the contactless transaction limit at POS for Debit Cards in the UK from GBP 30 to GBP 45, which means, your PNBIL Debit Card Contactless limit will be enhanced to GBP 45. This enhanced limit will be with effect from 01st April 2020.

We hope you would make use of this enhanced limit and use your debit cards for payments through contactless at POS, reducing the physical contact with payment machines and hopefully slowing the virus spread.

For kind attention of the customers - » W.E.F 14/03/16, all our branches/offices will remain closed on Saturdays. » Do not disclose your Personal information such as account number, login ID & password, debit card number & PIN to anyone.
Account Opening

Steps for Opening an FD Account with us.

How to Open Fixed Rate Deposit?
  • Requirement of an Operative Account: Fixed deposit account can be opened through an existing or new operative account, which will either be a current account or a savings account. Opening of operative account is a one time activity. The currentCustomers are advised to suitably indicate the type of operative account in the account opening form as per their requirement Click for Account Opening Form.
  • Opening a Fixed Deposit Account: This can be done by filing FD Open Request, along with the Account Opening Form or subsequently, i.e. every time when customer wants to open a new Fixed Deposit.
  • How to remit Money: Customers are required to remit money into their Operative Account either through Inter-Bank transfers or cheques drawn in their own names. Cheque of the amount to be deposited can be sent along with the Account Opening Form and FD Open Form to save time. The details of the Operative Account will be sent to customer by way of a letter after its opening and the customers may use this information for transferring funds from other Banks. Customers may also call us to find the details of their Operative Account (Account Number and Sort Code) by calling at phone line 0207 7969600 after allowing two days' time of our receiving the Form.

Communications with Deposit Holders
  • Dispatch of deposit certificate deposit certificate and information about operative account would be dispatched to customers within 7 days' time of opening of deposit.
  • Internet banking service is not available for fixed deposit accounts.

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